A tooth for an eye? Yes, it’s true with modified osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis. (Just think of the Scrabble points you would get for that.) And it has been performed in the US for the first time. And, well, it’s not inconspicuous, but if it restores your eyesight, I’m all for it.

New Planet discovered, the size of Jupiter. Start staking your claims now.

And what do you want to drive around on, in your spiffy new planet, with your spiffy new eye?
A YikeBike of course. These ought to be a Tron Legacy tie in.

Once you are on your new planet with your bike, you need some Evil Robot Minions. Fortunately you can win some robots right here.

Wait, you say, Doctor Gestalt, I am a simple man, with simple amusements, and do not need such things!  Well have I got the book for you! It is The Young Man’s Book of Amusement c. 1850. Just don’t actually try anything in this book, I implore you, or you will die and/or be arrested (not necessarily in that order).  Seriously, it is from 1850 and most of the things in it, while fascinating, are dangerously impractical.

Speaking of dangerous and impractical, I am very disappointed at this article, in which home science was dealt a staggering blow. Good thing he didn’t have the The Young Man’s Book of Amusement. Or perhaps he did.

And if I wanted more money with which to perform home experiments I would not crack one of math’s oldest conundrums and then turn down the $1 million  reward for doing it, which Grigory Perleman just did. Hm, mad scientist indeed.

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