Squid Twister
Seeing as it has been a year since the last comic went up, I figured it was high time I made the retirement of Radio Isopod official.

It’s been fun. Remember that time when we saved the world from imploding by feeding an antacid to an inter-dimensional alien? Good times.

Seriously though, thanks to everyone who has followed along on this twisted little mad sciencey journey and especially to those who have participated in the madness. You guys are the best. I’ll keep all the posts and comics up for a while before archiving the whole thing.

Over the years I’ve grown quite fond of this misfit boat of characters. Who knows, maybe I’ll do something else with them at some point <insert additional non-committal vagueness here>. In the meantime, I do have a couple more brand new webcomics in the works. As soon as I have them ready for prime-time I’ll throw up one more post here.

Thanks again and happy travels.


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